For my Sister

I don’t know what to say Because I have so much to say I’ve been contemplating Whether to just write an essay You forced me to write you a poem So I did, even though I don’t want to Now I’m trying really hard To put my words concisely I’m like a colouring book without … Continue reading For my Sister


That Feeling

Do you know that feeling? When you badly miss someone? But you can't do anything to be with them? So you just sit there thingking about the moments you had togethere. Thinking about the memories you shared. And then you think about the things that you'd do if you're with them at the moment. You … Continue reading That Feeling

Out of Place

Sometimes I feel out of place. It's as if don't belong anywhere. I feel like no likes me and no one wants me. There are times when I feel left out. They're all enjoying while I'm in a corner alone with myself. I'm envious of other teenagers. They have freedom to do anything they want. … Continue reading Out of Place