Crush, Crush Me

Last Week: can't remember the exact date but this happened just last week. I sit next to L (I'll name him L from now on, my secret code. We'll not really hahaha because that's the first letter of his name) during our Entrepreneur class. It makes me both happy and a little bit nervous at … Continue reading Crush, Crush Me


Booksale: Harrison Plaza, Manila City

" I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library (Jorge Luis Borges)." Visiting bookshops is the best when I go to malls or to other places. Although, I don't buy books ('cause of low budget lols), I just feel great going inside those rooms field with thousands and millions of words … Continue reading Booksale: Harrison Plaza, Manila City


I'm always lonely and alone. I feel like no one can make me laugh or smile anymore. When people talk to me I eventually lost interest in them. I just want to live alone and talk to no one forever. I want to live forever alone. I guess this is the effect of missing someone … Continue reading 5/16/2018