Work Immersion 2018 Experience

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This is for future grade 12 senior high school students who might undergo work immersion as well. Here are are my tips and experience as a trainee. I hope this can help to know what you should anticipate when you finally work as a trainee. Good luck!

Things I did for 10 Days

  • I sorted documents according to their branch destinations ( NCR South, NCR North, NCR West, and other PAG-IBIG Fund Branches).
  • I stabled daily cash collection documents. They are from everyday transactions that people pay in PAG-IBIG Fund.
  • I double checked PFR number. It’s like the control number of receipt when people pay, I think haha.
  • I deliver documents to other departments.
  • I was able to use their computer. I typed some information they gave me, also from daily cash transactions and printed them out.
  • I was asked to cut papers for decorations for their Christmas party. I happen to be assigned during the Christmas season so I expected it already haha.

I did all those things every day, well not really all but most of them. (Pauli-ulit lang naman pinapagawa sa’kin araw araw haha)


  • On your first day, go to your assigned establishment extra early so you can prefer for the interview. Also, if you have never visited that place before, you might lost your way there so you really need those extra time.
  • Greet all employees as you see them even if you don’t know them. Especially those whom you will be working with everyday because they will be the one who will give your evaluation and grades after the training. So, be nice and polite always!
  • Take lots of pictures and videos as possible. Your teacher might require you to pass a portfolio with documentations after you work immersion.

Working as a trainee is not that hard. I really enjoyed the things I did. I felt like I was already working for real. I admit that it was exhausting but in a good way. I felt productive every day unlike when I’m school, I just sit there trying really hard to listen to and not divert my intention to the hole of my teacher’s pants as he discusses the formula for liquidity ratio. Anyway, I’d prefer working than being in school. The experience as I trainee was really great. I learned a lot from them. I learned how to interact with professional people and the everyday situation that occurs in a professional environment. However, it would have really better and greater (is that a word?) if they paid me haha. Kidding. Okay. Bye!

By the way, they gave me a gift on my last day which was really nice and kind of them. It was a journal with bible verses. I really liked it! I love stationeries plus I was meaning to buy a journal with bible verses or something like that. I think it was faith that I received that gift. Okay. Really, this is goodbye for real. Yeah, bye!

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