Crush, Crush Me

Last Week: can’t remember the exact date but this happened just last week.

I sit next to L (I’ll name him L from now on, my secret code. We’ll not really hahaha because that’s the first letter of his name) during our Entrepreneur class. It makes me both happy and a little bit nervous at the same time. Thinking that he’s next to met makes me conscious of myself but it’s okay because I want to sit next to him. It makes me feel closer to him that way.

He borrowed my pen and asked me for a piece of paper. To tell you the truth, he didn’t really ask me for a pen but I just gave it to him. Here’s the scenario:
His other friend sits next to me so I’m between him and his friend. He’s a boy and we’re quite close.

Him: (to his friend) May ballpen ka? (Do you have a pen?)
Friend: Wala ( I don’t have any.)
Me: …………. (thinking to myself, should I give him my pen? but he didn’t ask me, so I was shy to give mine)

And then when our teacher said to get one-fourth sheet of paper, I immediately gave one to him without him asking me for it. I also gave him my ball pen as fast as I could.

Also, there’s a scenario wherein he asked me about our group reporting and I just love how he looks at me straight in my eyes. My heart just melted again. When he looks at me like, I fall for him again and again. Sometimes when he stares too much I look away because I just can’t calm myself down.

After Entrep class, he gave my ballpen back and said thank you.




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