Crush, But not Really


There is this boy whom my classmates tease me with all the time. All of my classmates think I like him. Only my friends know that I don’t really like that boy. They were just teasing me because one time, I and my friend were sitting down inside our classroom, then this boy suddenly entered the room while taking off his glasses. He looked really dazzling and handsome without his glasses on. I and my friend just looked at each other and said, “Aaarrghhh ang pogi niya! (he’s so handsome)”. At that moment, we jokingly said that we have a crush on him. And that’s when my friends started teasing me that I like him.

Now, we’re on twelfth grade, and they still tease of him. And now, all of my classmates think that I really have a crush on him. When they tease me, it doesn’t matter to me at all because I really have no feelings for him. I really have no problem with all the teasing. At least, I used to have no problem with that, but now there is. It’s that I think I’m starting to like him.

Every end of school day. I would say “bye” to him, and he would smile (oh his smiles) and say “bye” to me too. One time, my friend told him to give me a flying kiss, and oh my heart just melted.

I became fragile all of a sudden. I wish he would never do that again because I don’t think I could ever stand on my own toes anymore if he did.


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