i’ve been empty                                                 for a while now                                                   I somehow lost                                                  the burning desire                                             to fill myself up

i think
nothing and
no one
can make me
smile now

 i feel like

 nothing can make me                               happy anymore

i lost the eargerness
to see the sun shine

and see the moon unveil everyday

when people
try to smile
it’s hard
for me now
to fake a
smile back


31 thoughts on “Empty

  1. Sweet Hanna,
    What a gift you have. Emptiness is a struggle we all face from time to time, especially when we’re young, and overwhelmingly, when we are missing special people in our lives. I think it takes some experience and effort to learn what things fill our souls. I hope you can find some of those things for you soon.

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  2. People like you are amazing. Loved what u wrote. I am not a poet but tried to describe morning in my new post. Would love to get some feedback from your end. Blog name: AMODINEE
    POST : 1st day@ 1st job

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